How Many shades of Grey are there in the Dyed Veneer World?


The simple answer is LOTS! There are at least 20 shades of grey dyed veneer that we come across in Merenda on a regular basis.

It has been more than 20 years since Merenda first started processing dyed veneers at our purpose-built facility in Manorhamilton Co. Leitrim. Since then, we have seen so many bizarre and beautiful colours and designs.


The designs are always varied but one colour stands out as being the most popular: Surprisingly its Grey! Merenda have processed over 20 different shades of Grey in the last 5 years alone for various projects based around the world from London to Bristol all the way to New York.

Even from those early days, though the struggle of processing small quantities in a facility built for large production runs was testing; working with dyed veneers has paid off enormously. Nowadays, more that 40% of what we process is Dyed Veneers, I attribute our success in the space to those formative years learning and adapting our process’ which have led us to being in a position we are in now- experts in dyed veneers.

The key to our success with all these shades of Grey and others is our close partnerships not only with the clients but also with the manufacturers. Working closely with major producers such as Tabu & Alpi has driven our ability to enable our clients to achieve their design goals. Our ability to process the delicate & brittle dyed raw veneers into beautiful components such as intricately designed  architraves for entry doors to contrasting lay-ons with dyed grey veneer alongside gorgeously Smoked Oak for the door faces or fluted Mouldings for cabinet doors has been a revelation in allowing these Sustainable F.S.C. accredited veneers to be used to the designers specifications.

So, is grey here to stay or is it a trend on the way out? One interior designer said it best when she said our love for grey is better described as an interior phenomenon rather than a trend- because of its presence in the industry over the last ten years and we predict it is here to stay.

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