Merenda's Quest for Excellence: A Journey of Self-Assessment and Growth


Merenda, a renowned family business specializing in wood veneer component products for global furniture manufacturers, has always been driven by a commitment to excellence.

With a presence in 12 countries and a steadfast adherence to our core values, Merenda holds firm to its drive to deliver continuous improvement and expansion.

Recognising the need to assess our current standing and pave the way for future growth, we embarked on a journey of introspection. We recognised the invaluable role that an external perspective could play in this process and sought the expertise of 3SIXTY.

Partnering closely with Merenda's leadership, 3SIXTY conducted a comprehensive Maturity Assessment focusing on critical areas such as Supply Chain, Operations, and Digitalization.

It was a learning experience which will make Merenda stronger as #WeGoFurther into the future.

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