End Grain Edgebanding


Merenda supplies a range of end grain edging species.

End grain edging replicates the look of a piece of sawn timber. By using solid end-grain edgebanding, the veneer board will have the natural look of a solid wood board.

Species we can supply: European Oak, Smoked Oak, Grey Oak, American Walnut, Ash, Steamed and White Beech, European Maple, Birch.

The thickness: Ranges from 0.8mm to 3.4mm. The distance between joints is variable from 45 mm to 150mm or more. We can also offer fixed joints from a minimum of 23mm up to 150mm or more, according to your design specification.

Advantages of End Grain Edgebanding:

  • Shorter application times 
  • It doesn’t splinter when trimming 
  • Remarkable flexibility
  • Joints remain closed
  • No protection required on its surface
  • The edging doesn’t require fleece on the back
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