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Wrapped profiles are typical components in the manufacture of modern furniture and building interiors. Applications can include furniture decor, wall and ceiling panels or doorframes and architraves. The Profile can be wrapped on the a diverse range of base substrates, most typically MDF or Chipboard and the wrapping veneer can be chosen from an endless variety of veneers including natural, exotic or dyed.

Profile Wrap FAQ

Where do you source your veneer?

Merenda source our veneer from all over the world. We work to the customers specification and we have suppliers globally who can source as required.

What fleece do you use? 

  • We offer brown and white fleece
  • Grammage 50g and 30g
  • Made from paper fibres and glue
Can you double fleece?

Yes, we can! Generally, 2 x 30g for added flexibility. There will be an extra cost as there will be a second run through the fleecer and also there are 10g extra fleece.

What is the standard distance between joints?

As a standard they generally run at 1.2m but this depends on what the customer requires.

What roll lengths can you supply?
  • Under 155mm is 400m
  • Over 155m is 300m
  • We can supply longer rolls if required.
What sizes can you do?

40mm up to 300mm and any width in between!

What is your core diameter?

6 inches

Do you splice?

Yes, we do. It is edge glued splice as appose to stitch spliced.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Not necessarily.  Email with your specification.

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