Laser Edge


What is LaserEdge?

LaserEdge is an edgeband with a pre-applied functional layer that replaces the traditional glue used to apply edgeband, allowing for a much superior and seamless joint between the edgeband and the board. It can be used with all zero-joint edgebanding technologies including hot-air, laser, plasma and NIR.
Merenda have over 300+ matches available to order, and the ability to find a match to your requirements.

  • Technology Age:10 years
  • Zero-Joint Technology: No glue, prevents dirt & bacteria
  • Materials: ABS, PP, PMMA (patented polymer functional layer)
  • Machines: Laser, Hot Air, Plasma, NIR
  • Colours: 500+ matches available to order, custom colour matches for individual boards



  • Enhancing leading industry trends (high gloss and textured panels) with no framing effect
  • No glue joint to collect dirt, chip away or yellow over time
  • Creates a stunning high-end look using the latest technology
  • Allows for a monalithic panel at a much lower price than solid or painted.


  • Creates a bond equal to or greater than PUR (no delamination)
  • Extremely heat and moisture resistant bond
  • ABS and PP (advanced green polymers) are the most common materials used 


  • Higher quality inputs allow customers to promote a higher end finished product at a premium
  • No hotmelt adhesive to purchase and no down-line cleaning of excess adhesive from finished panels
  • Increased edgeband costs are easily offset by the upscale finished product to the market


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