Melamine (Pre-Glued)
Melamine (Pre-Glued)

Melamine (Pre-Glued)



Merenda stocks a wide range of pre-glued melamine edgebandings that match the latest boards available on the market. Melamine is still very popular despite the trend towards plastic edgebandings.

All our melamine material is made of specialist papers that are impregnated with resins that are absorbed, printed and coated with environmentally friendly lacquers.

This process creates a high quality edging once the paper has hardened, with high resistance to scratches and impacts while retaining flexibility

Advantages of Melamine:
  1. Easy to dispose of and 100% recyclable.
  2. Can be easily be burned in any incinerator or factory heater with no need to separate from the board. It has many of the environmentally friendly benefits of ABS, i.e. that is biodegradable and is an economical solution.

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