Trend Alert! The Matt Kitchen


Trend Alert! The Matt Kitchen

Whether people are building their new home or renovating their existing one, the biggest investment they make is usually on the kitchen.  While it is safe to say, that trends come and go, here at Merenda, we have noticed the rise of the matt kitchen, particularly, over the last year. So, we wanted to take a look at exactly why Matt Kitchens are on the up and up!

Whether it be to capture contemporary or traditional style, or indeed, a combination of the two, it is clear that kitchen manufacturers are choosing Matt Edgebanding more and more in either Supermatt or Ultra matt finish. Board manufacturer EGGER’s, award winning PerfectSense matt range of surfaces continues to be a driving force for this popularity. Egger claim the success of this range can be attributed to “the special anti-fingerprint property which prevents unsightly fingerprints on the surfaces and considerably reduces the amount of cleaning required” Egger say the range is called PerfectSense because as well as the surface being completely on trend, the warm and velvety design invites you to touch and creates a feel-good factor.

And popularity is not just confined to the Egger brand.  Almost every board manufacturer offers more than one option of matt surfaces: Kronospan, Pfleiderer, Arpa, Alvico, Kaindl, and One Skin.

It is safe to say, that whilst a kitchen design must allow for practicality, the days of the kitchen having only a practical use are long gone! Nowadays the kitchen is truly the central hub of the home and it must exude a sense of elegance and style- possibly more than anywhere else in the home. It is interesting to note that ‘kitchen design’ is one of the most commonly searched items on Pinterest!

A Matt finish can help achieve this much sought-after stylish and elegant look, as it offers a flawless, slick appearance. Savvy kitchen designers combine matt cabinets with different materials and textures, such as wood or metallic effects, to give the overall kitchen design a current and unique finish.

 Not only is it stylish and on trend, but one of the major advantages of a matt finish is it’s practicality. Embrace sophistication and elegance with much lower maintenance than a gloss finish.  Just imagine, keeping all those annoying fingerprints at bay!

Physical Properties of Matt Surface Finish:

  • Gloss level below 2 GU ±2
  • Very low reflection surface
  • Velvety touch
  • Resistance to fingerprints and traces of grease
  • Easy to clean
  • High scratch Resistance (1,5 N)

The rise in demand for matt surfaces is not just confined to kitchen manufacturers. Fitted furniture manufacturers and door manufacturers   also report an increase in demand for the highly prized matt finish. This has resulted in the matt door emerging as the new front-runner in internal painted doors.

Matt finish doors and kitchens are available in a wide range of colours and here at Merenda we have the edging to match! We partner with Proadec and stock their ProMatt range of ABS edgings meeting the most upmarket demands. This range is available to order now and contains 14 Decors matching 100% of Eggers Perfect Sense and Kronospan’s Ultra Matt Ranges.

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Trend Alert! The Matt Kitchen
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