Communication to our UK Customers


In the event of a No Deal Brexit, material coming from Merenda for delivery to our UK customers will be subject to additional Customs clearance charges.

This is the charge for clearing goods from Ireland to the UK. Unfortunately, we cannot absorb this charge and so need to pass it on to our Customers. This will be shown on your itemised invoice reference Brexit related customs clearance charge. We have been advised that this can be anything from €50.00 - €100 per delivery.

Please note, Customs clearance charges will be charged per delivery, therefore we will not part deliver orders, unless requested. To reduce these costs, we recommend that when ordering, you order in bulk rather than frequent smaller orders.

You should be aware that you will also be charged import clearance charges by your clearing agent or logistics partner in the UK, before they can deliver goods to yourselves.

It is highly likely that there will be delays in deliveries. Please be aware of this and allow for longer lead times by ordering as early as possible. We would also recommend that you consider holding some extra stock at your premises to avoid disruption.

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